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Stage - From Waste to Craddle - Direction Scientifique (F/H) H/F

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Stage / Temps plein
Durée :
6 mois
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Bac+4/5 (M)
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Saint Gobain France
Groupe : Saint-Gobain
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Saint-Gobain conçoit, produit et distribue des matériaux et des solutions pensés pour le bien-être de chacun et l’avenir de tous. Rejoignez une communauté innovante, passionnée et entreprenante pour améliorer le monde de demain. Saint-Gobain est présent dans 67 pays avec plus de 170 000 collaborateurs.

Le poste

La mission :

As part of its strategy to develop solutions for sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain is committed to minimizing the pull of planetary resources. This goal is achieved in multiple ways : by lightening products while keeping the performances unchanged or improved; by increasing the lifetime of the products; by designing products which are easier to recycle; by increasing the amount of recycled content in the products.

The latter aspect generates a large number of challenges : supplying a significant amount of wastes; processing it so that it is suitable as a raw material for the production; validating the quality; all of the above in an economically viable way.

Given all these constraints, post-production wastes can be regarded as highly valuable : their emission is concentrated at the plant location, their condition is somewhat pristine. These makes them potentially good candidates to be used as raw materials for other production sites.

Due to the large variety of activities within the Saint-Gobain group, a wide range of materials are being sourced and/or produced (glass, insulation, mortars, abrasives, ceramics, polyurethanes?), and one could envision a "market-place" in which the wastes of a given plant could become the raw material of another one and contribute effectively to circular economy.

The aim of this internship is to contribute to facilitate these circular loops within the group.

The intern will start from an existing work which has consisted in mapping the different sources of waste from the plants of the group with some key characteristics.

The work will consist in

1 Continue the effort of mapping the wastes : the intern will interact with many stakeholders across the world (sustainability experts, plant managers, research engineers) to collect the relevant information
2 Improve the tool : a representation of these wastes has been developed to facilitate the emergence of recycling opportunities within the group.
3 Communicate on the tool to increase its adoption
4 Contribute to identifying synergies opportunities and which technical issues to address : this would be done by organizing workshop including subject matter experts.
5 Work on a selected use case to evaluate how practically an identified synergy can be turned into a viable recycling stream, what it implies in terms of waste reprocessing, qualification, as well as in terms of adapting the design of the product
6 Propose next steps for turning the tool from a demonstration mode into a production mode


* Titres restaurants et accès au restaurant d'entreprise
* Forfait mobilité durable
* Remboursement à 65% du Pass Navigo
* 5 jours de congés pour 6 mois de stage
* Services de la Tour Saint-Gobain (salle de sport, conciergerie, salle de musique, etc?)

* Restaurant vouchers and access to the company restaurant
* Sustainable mobility package
* 65% reimbursement of the Navigo Pass
* 5 days of leave for 6 months of internship
* Saint-Gobain Tower services (gym, concierge, music room, etc.)

Le profil :

Vous êtes étudiant en master en sciences, ingénierie, informatique, design et expérience utilisateur ou durabilité. Vous manifestez un vif intérêt pour les sujets liés à la durabilité. Vous avez de grandes compétences interpersonnelles, ce qui sera nécessaire pour interagir avec de multiples parties prenantes. Vous parlez couramment l'anglais.

Alors, n'attendez plus, et venez rejoindre notre équipe, nous avons hâte de travailler avec vous !

You are student in a master's degree in science, engineering, computing, design and user experience or sustainability. You show a strong interest for sustainability topics. You have great inter-personal skills, which will be required to interact with multiple stakeholders. You are fluent in English.

Then, don't wait any further, and come to join our team, we are looking forward to working with you !

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